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Ground Control Station User Manual

The Ground Control Station, or GCS, is used to configure your hardware but can also act as an interface with the aircraft during your flight. The GCS is actually a workspace which contains all kinds of "gadgets". A gadget is basically a plug-in or small piece of software with a graphical user interface. There will often be references to these gadgets, such as the "configuration gadget," or the "logging gadget," etc.

A demo from the GCS is given in the video below. Note that the GCS used in the video is an earlier version, but it gives a nice overview of the software.

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Overview GCS walk-through video.

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In the following wiki pages, these gadgets will be explained.


To download the current version of the GCS for your board and platform, visit the Software Download page for the latest build.

Please note that you must upgrade the firmware on your OpenPilot board if you have downloaded a new GCS release.


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