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Open Frames by jbkappirossi, MikeH, Kristjan, A*Morale, Snagglesworth

link to the forum thread: http://forums.openpilot.org/topic/12600-open-frames/


Okay, people have been asking me if I could do some custom frames. I have no problem with that and this way I can contribute a little to the OpenPilot community as well, because I don't have much electronic nor coding skills, so I thought I could just post this online for everyone. I will do a few more and if it's not too much work, some custom jobs as well, think by that of motor hole's, FC hole's and even some minor changes to the frames itself. Some input and feedback will be highly appreciated.

Not all will be tested! If you are the first who orders a frame it might not be what you expected from it, So i will put Prototype above it, so no-one will misunderstand the risks of it, because I am and will not be responsible for it.

Frames that other people drawn are also highly welcome, but they will have to be fully done! Send the DXF file to me and I will post it in the TS. My mail address is jbkappirossi@live.nl

It would also be very appreciated if people can help finding shops with the parts needed for the frames, like; nylon screws, standoffs, even G10 sheets, Carbon Fiber, etc. I will put up a list for that as well. So we can all get a frame as cheap as possible.

Please, if you have questions about what motors, ESC's, etc. to use on a particular frame, just ask.

Final, it would be totally awesome if there are people who are willing to help out with CNCing. It doesn't have to be free, but think of it like this; I'm giving away my drawings for free and it costs me a lot of time!

by jbkappirossi


Disclaimer: These DXFs are for personal use only, you may not distribute them for profit or produce this frame or any variants with the intent to sell


Here you have a selection of Open Frames

SkyPearl mini quad - by jbkappirossi


- 10'' diagonal
- 5'' to max 6'' Props
- very lightweight 35 to 50g frame only
- ideal for LOS flying
- strong, can withstand punishment
- with or without dome
- optional Toxic spacer ring if you don't like the dome
- flight time between 15 and 20 minutes, depending on the setup

SkyPearl Mini Quad v1.2 .Alpha.jpeg 7.JPG 53.JPG 63.JPG 

DXF file. Attached File  SkyPearl Mini Quad v1.2 .rar   205.68K   55 downloads


Carbon fiber

Minimum; 2mm thick
Recommended; 2,5mm thick
best; 3mm thick


Recommended; 3mm thick


FPV SpiderQuad - by MikeH


- MtM diagonal 550mm
- Max Prop size 11''
- Frame Weight 350g
- Integrated gopro holder with tabs for rubber bands
- Clears FOV Gopro at 1080p
- Moveable battery plate to adjust CofG
- Integrated fpv camera mount and protector
- 6.5mm hole in protector plate for fpv antenna.
- The motor mounts will mount motors with 16 and 19mm patterns and it will mount dt700/750/850 so just about everything.
- The flight controller plate can accept CopterControl, KK, KK2, MWC, MK, pretty much anything. it has 30.5mm cc holes and standard 45mm in standard orientation and 45 degrees.

fzgdfgs.Alpha.jpg IMG_20120710_0314151.jpg IMG_20120710_0314391.jpg IMG_20120716_025956.jpg 

DXF file. Attached File  Spider Frame V2 full sheet.rar   30.65K   39 downloads
DXF file. Attached File  Spider Frame V2 full sheet center hole modified.rar   30.21K   9 downloads
Note! second file is for people who want to mount the motor mounts with 2 bolts instead of 4.
Not recommended for square wooden arms. aluminium shouldn't be a problem.


- 1/16" or 1,5mm thick G10 or Carbon Fiber.
- 1/2" or 12,5mm square wood for the arms. (it excepts 13mm square aluminium tubes)
- length of the front arms need to be 158mm
- length of the rear arms need to be 307mm (of course you can also cut them to your own desired length).
- 3/4" 4-40 bolts with nuts.
- 1/2" standoffs
- 1" standoffs



Baby FPV Frame - by jbkappirossi


- 12'' diagonal
- 5'' to max 6'' Props
- weight 70g
- CopterControl CC3D only
- Fits small park motors up to 28mm motors.
- Integrated 32mm CCD camera holder.
- Flight Time. between 10 and 15 minutes, depending on the setup.

1.Alpha.jpg 1.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 

DXF file. Attached File  Baby FPV Frame Template's.rar   222.61K   20 downloads

Warning! There need to be made pockets into the arms, half the depth of the total thickness of the arms, so they fit into each other (look at the screen below for reference).



I recommend that you cut the frame out of Carbon Fiber only! 
G10 is not only heavier, but at the same thickness the tensile strength is probably half.

Carbon Fiber

arms 2.5mm
frame plates 1mm 

G10 don't know.


- 10 * 35mm Nylon or polyamide standoffs.
- 20 * m3 plastic or nylon bolts.
- 4 * m2 standoff or bolts for mounting the camera.
- 15mm wide Velcro for strapping down the battery underneath.


KX_4 Dominator FPV - by Kristjan


- Max Prop size 11''
- MtM 740mm
- weight frame
- OP CopterControl, Cruis SE, KK Blackboard, KK V2.0, DJI Naza mounting holes.
- 16 - 19 and 19 - 35 motor mounting hole pattern for normal 28mm and 35mm motors.
- will also take 3 point mounted pancakes.
- GoPro mount.
- CCD camera mount.
- Adjustable COG true battery tray.

FPV and GPS mount bonus.PNG OP CC cover.PNG KX-4 Dominator NAZA1 (2).png KX-4 Dominator NAZA1.png 
Note! DXF is the same as the Naza version, but now with OpenPilot logo!

DXF File. Attached File  KX_4 Dominator FPV.zip   510.1K   19 downloads


You need a mini metal file set to make everything fit snuggle if you have it cut out of 1/16'' sheets, because the slotted holes are 1,55mm wide.
For metric you can use 1,5mm sheets and everything should fit without filing.


- 3 * 500 tail booms.
- Front arms need to be 205mm
- Rear arms need to be 385mm
- Endfast300 or equivalent for fixing to arms and motor mount to the booms.
- Sandpaper to roughen up the boom mounts for better grip.
- 23 * 20mm standoffs (female / female).
- 50 * nylon m3 bolts.
- 4 * 6mm standoffs (female / male) for mounting CopterControl.
- 2 * 450 booms for battery tray.


FPV Bing Bong Quad - by MikeH


- Super stiff motor mounts.
- 19 - 26 motor hole pattern and it will also mount dt700/750/850.
It accepts 1/2" and 13mm square booms.
- Weight. With poplar arms it weighs 302g at 700 size and 246g at 450 size.
Max prop size. Depends on the length of the booms ,but for the 450 size it will accept 12" props.
- Tabs for rubber banding the battery to the bottom.
- Integrated GoPro slot with tabs for rubber bands.
The frame can accept CopterControl, KK, KK2, MWC, MK, pretty much anything.

IMG_20120611_232712.jpg IMG_20120611_232726.jpg IMG_20120611_233232.jpg IMG_20120611_233248.jpg 

DXF File. Attached File  G10 Boom style quad 12x12.rar   25.15K   21 downloads


The Frame is designed to be cut out of 1/16'' thick G10. for the metric guys that is 1,5875mm, so 1,5mm will also work.


- 3/4" 4-40 (or 20mm * 3mm metric) size bolts with nuts. 
- 4 * 1/2" (or 12,5mm) standoffs between the center plates. (have to be the same as the thickness as the arms. you can always cut them to length)! 
- 4* 1" (or 25mm) standoffs with 1/4" or (6mm) screws for the standoffs the hold the top plate.


TypeZero FPV Quad - by jbkappirossi

Prototype. This frame has not been tested!


DIY Flat Wooden Version.

basic for flat wooden.jpg Template DIY Wooden Arms.Alpha.jpg 

DXF File. Attached File  TypeZero Template_Frame DIY Flat wooden_0.0625'' and 1,5mm.rar   360.6K   10 downloads
Template DIY Flat wooden arms. Attached File  Template_DIY Flat wooden Arms.rar   5.06MB   11 downloads

The Template 'DIY flat Wooden Arms' consists out of the original sketchup .SKP file as wel as a .DXF and .DWG File.
You can download google sketchup for free or a dxf/dwg viewer witch has a function for printing.
I've showed in the video how to print it out with sketchup, so you can glue it on a piece of wood witch makes it very easy to cut over the lines and drill the holes in the right place.

DIY Square Wooden/Aluminium Version.

square tube version.jpg square arm hole measurements.jpg 

DXF File. Attached File  TypeZero Template_Frame Square wooden and Aluminium_0.0625 and 1,5mm.rar   591.96K   14 downloads

Flat Milled G10, Carbon or Aluminium Version.

TypeZero Template_Frame For Miled Arms_1,5mm .Alpha.Alpha.jpg TypZero Milled Arms 5mm.Alpha.jpg 

DXF File. Attached File  TypeZero Template_Frame For Miled Arms_0.0625 and 1,5mm.rar   418.03K   13 downloads
DXF File. Attached File  Template_Milled Arms 5mm - kopie.rar   139.96K   16 downloads

Watch out! The arms need to be cut out of 5mm thick material like; Aluminium, Carbon or G10.


All These 3 frames can be cut out of 1/16'' as well as 1,5mm thick G10 or Carbon.


- 8* 45mm standoffs (or you can use 25mm and 20mm and screw them together, as long as you end up with 45mm).
- 7* standoffs for in between the bottom two plate's they have to be or made the same length as the arms are thick!
- 4* silicon vibration bobbins, between dirty and clean section.
- 16* nylon or aluminium bolts with nuts for mounting the wooden flat arms to the frame.
- 30 nylon m3 bolts for mounting the rest of the frame together.
- 4* m2 bolts with nuts, for mounting the CCD camera.  


Mini Spider - by A*Morale


- Weight 320gram without lipo.
- Max Prop size 8''

gxhxdf.Alpha.jpg photo41.jpg photo31.jpg photo-41.JPG 

DWG File. Attached File  spider_mini_metric_cut.rar   24.93K   7 downloads


Can be cut out of 1/16 and 1,5mm thick G10 or CarbonFiber.


- 8* M3x16mm or M3x20 (respectively for 7.5 and 10mm square tubes) bolts for fixing the arms.
- 4* M3 nuts.
- 8* M3 washers for the four "fixed" bolts that held the arms.
- 8* M3 wide (the one i used have a 8mm external diameter) washers for the four non bolts that will be untighted for folding the arms
- 4* M3 Wing nuts to be untighted for folding the frame.
- 2* M3x16mm or M3x20 (respectively for 7.5 and 10mm square tubes) + 2* m3 wing nuts + 4* washers for the battery tray.
- 4 + 4 Nylon spacers with 3mm bolt and nut for mounting the board and its cover ( or you can fasten it using some scotch dual lock if you use a case, but it's better then to not cut the hole under the board).
- optionally 4* standoffs + bolts and nuts to mount the larger protection Plate for protecting some other electronics.



Mini Spider Hex - by Snagglesworth


- Max 5'' prop size.
- motor hole pattern 12/16mm. fits 1811 and a1510.
- CopterControl mounting holes on the front and back.
- 32mm CCD mounting plate.

1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 

DXF File. Attached File  spider hex template.rar   315.26K   11 downloads


Can be cut out of 1/16 and 1,5mm thick G10 or CarbonFiber. (1mm thick is possible, but not recommended for LOS)


- 8mm or 10mm square arms, can be wood, aluminium and carbon.
- 24* 15mm nylon bolts with nuts for bolting the arms to the frame and motor mounts (But i would recommend pop rivots with square aluminium tubes).
- 12* wood screws, if your using wooden arms, (again for aluminium pop rivots)
- A piece of square wood the same thickness as the arms your using for mounting the camera plate. (with 6* 2,5mm or 3mm screws).


Mini Gaui - by jbkappirossi

Mini Gaui - by jbkappirossi

Prototype. (This frame is based on a Gaui 330, but only smaller, designed for 5'' props).


- Max props size 6''
- frame weight 45/48gram
- motor hole pattern 13/15mm
- specially designed for CopterControl, will fit inside and acts like a protection case.
- KK2.0 will fit, but needs to be mounted on top.

1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 

DXF File. Attached File  Mini Gaui.rar   344.11K   5 downloads


Can be cut out of 1mm thick G10 or Carbon Fiber.


- 12* 15mm standoffs (if needed you can ad 4 more to between the center plate)
- 4* 10mm standoffs for mounting CopterControl inside.
- 32* 6mm nylon m3 bolts.
- Maybe a small metal file for making the teeth/connections fit, i don't think it's needed, but you never know.
- Some CA glue to secure the motor mounts to the arms if needed.


Parts list;

bolts, nuts, standoffs, and screws.

- everything http://www.fastener-...rews-nylon.aspx
- everything http://www.trimcraft...gid5jnkdsqsge15
- everything http://www.ebay.com/...fs&_sacat=36327
- everything http://stores.ebay.c...14.l1581&_pgn=3
- m2 bolts http://item.mobilewe...Id=251031557609

Sheet material;

- G10, EGlass, CFK and Carbon Tubes http://www.leicomposites.com/
- CF http://www.ebay.de/s...-All-Categories
- G10 http://www.americane...0fr4sheets.html


Teraband for prop mounting
13mm Square Tubes
Anti Vibration

if you know some stuff that could be of use, please DM me.


People that are willing to CNC. (this is not something to discuss in the thread ! You mail them to quote you for a price)


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