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OpenPilot Hardware User Manual

OpenPilot flight hardware is designed to be extremely flexible and to perform to the highest standard. There has been a massive amount of attention put into its details. Nothing in OpenPilot has been created in a vacuum - a great deal of research has been done so that the platform is both cost-effective and future proof.

OpenPilot Flight Hardware

OpenPilot Revolution          Latest single board solution for control and stabilization of UAVs.
                                       (Features such as GPS-guided waypoint navigation)

CC, CC3D and Atom        Single board solution for control and stabilization.

OpenPilot GPS                   Determines the position and altitude of the UAV.

OpenPilot OPLink               A RF modem that facilitates communication between UAV and GCS.

OpenPilot OSD                  Prototype of an OpenPilot OSD.


OpenPilot is designed from the ground up to be a UAV platform for rotary and fixed-wing vehicles. The hardware architecture enables us to use the 32-bit 180 MIPS of processing power very effectively. It is designed so that it's an extremely flexible platform. OpenPilot is designed to support any NMEA GPS unit, so as the state of the art changes, these newer GPS solutions can be used instantly.

A complete OpenPilot-based system will typically look like the diagram below:

Green: OpenPilot hardware
Yellow: RF-related components
Blue: Sensors
Red and orange: Power components


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