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Dacat's Revo/OPLink


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Quad Equipment

OPLink mini PPM Setup

Manual from the Testpilot section: 

                              • Plug in coordinator modem
                              • Configure it as coordinator
                              • Change any other parameters as you wish (probably use defaults at first)
                              • Save and unplug
                              • Plug in Rx modem
                              • Configure as you did the coordinator, with the exception of the coordinator button
                              • Save and unplug
                              • Plug in the Rx modem
                              • Power the coordinator modem
                              • You should see the coordinator modem ID in the binding list.  Press bind.
                              • Save and unplug both.
                              • You should now be able to use them as usual.


Settings on my Tx/Coordinator/Transmitter

Settings on my Rx/Revoboard


OPLink mini PWM Setup

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Connecting OPLink mini (PipX) to my Turnigy 9x

To switch between PPM and PWM i mounted 2 Modules

Settings on the Tx / coordinator OPLink mini (PipX)

Settings on the Rx OPLink mini

Wire harness

Channel: 1 Main Tx, 2 Main Rx, 3 Flexi Tx, 4 Flexi Rx

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